12. Међународни фестивал "Културно истраживање године"

In the name of God

Culture & Islamic Guidance Ministry holds:‎

Twelfth International Festival on Cultural Research of the Year

Acknowledging and supporting researchers who study on different fields of Culture, Art and ‎Communication of Iranian society, Culture & Islamic Guidance Ministry introduce the best works ‎each year, appreciate researchers and awards them a valuable prize.‎

Research and scientific centers, researchers and university graduates are invited sending us their ‎research projects, P.H.D. Thesis or books on one of the following topics-Emphasizing subjects on ‎Iran, especially Islam- Iran Culture, Art and Communication-published in 2007-2009. Applied and ‎pathological works which present strategy or solution are most welcomed.‎

Eligible topics:

Culture: religion and sect
• Quran and Culture in Iran
• Religious Pedagogy
• Culture of Sacrifice and Martyrdom
• Religion in Contemporary World
• Religion in Modern Medias
• Mahdavism, Awaiting and the end of the Days
• Cultural Crisis in Contemporary World and its Influence on Iran
• Cultural Invasion
• Contemporary World and Islamism
• Islamic Revolution and Cultural Evolution
• Religious Science Stream in Iran

Culture: Art and communication
• Movie and Performing Arts
• Traditional and Ritual Arts
• Visual arts
• Music
• Press, Book and Publishing Industry
• Modern Medias
• Culture and Communication in Iran

Culture: Iranian language and Identity
• Concept Studies, Methodology and Nativization in Cultural Studies
• Public Culture of Iran
• National Culture and Iranian Identity
• Folklores in Iran
• Language, Literature and Iranian Dialects
• Culture and the Health
• Geography and Cultural Evolution in Iran
• Expression of Iranian Culture in Western Works

Culture: Cultural Policymaking and Forecasting
• Policymaking in the Cultural Sector
• Future Study and Cultural planning
• Cultural Logistics in Iran
• Culture and Development in Iran
• Cultural Issues of Iranians living abroad
• Economical Issues in the field of Culture, Art And media in Iran
• Legal Issues in the field of Culture, Art And media in Iran

Deadline: December, 22, 2010‎

Type: Regional and International

Eligible works: Research projects, P.H.D. thesis or books. Translation wouldn't be accepted.‎

Fees: No Entry Fee

Description: Please send (both printed and PDF) or email researches to the following address:‎

Culture, Art and Communication Research Institute

Research Communication Management
Postal code: 1416763841‎
Dameshq STR.‎
Valiasr AVE.‎
Tehran, Iran

web: www.ricac.ac.ir
email: ertebatat@ricac.ac.ir

Contact for additional information:

Cultural Centre of the I.R. Iran in Belgrade



Neznanog junaka 32, Belgrade, Serbia‎








‎+381 11 367 25 64,‎


‎+381 11 266 82 12‎



‎+381 11 266 69 80‎


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11040 Београд

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E-mail: info@iran.rs

Web: iran.rs

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