17. Међународни омладински фестивал визуелних уметности

Током јула месеца у граду Горгану у иранској покрајини Голестан биће одржан Седамнаести међународни омладински фестивал визуелних уметности.

Позивамо заинтересоване да у прилогу прочитају основна правила и услове учешћа на Фестивалу, те да се за детаљније информације обрате Културном центру Ирана у Београду.

Regulations of the International Section of the
Seventeenth International Festival of Visual Arts for the Youth

July 2010
Gorgan, Golestan Province

The Visual Arts Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in association with its Provincial Office in Golestan Province and Islamic Culture and Communication Organization is organizing the Seventeenth International Festival of Visual Arts for the Youth to encourage competition in artistic creativity and expand professional repertoire of art students and to connect Iranian young artists to artists from across the world. Presence of experienced scholars and distinguished artists in various fields of visual arts will be an asset to the festival. The festival will provide an excellent opportunity to present and discuss new subjects and share fresh experiences in visual arts. Artists will participate in workshops and special competition of the festival and the jury panel will eventually select a number of artists to be awarded. The guidelines and criteria for selection and participation of art students in various fields of visual arts can be summed up as below:

The festival will include the following fields:

1. Drawing,
2. Painting (acrylic, oil on canvas),
3. Graphic design (poster),
4. Sculpture (plaster and clay),
5. Cartoon,
6. Miniature painting,
7. Calligraphy (Nasta'liq),
8. Photography,
9. Pottery.

Note: Drawing and photography sections of the festival will be held outdoors.

Selection process

International artists are advised to present their sample work to the Cultural Centre at the Iranian Embassy or representative of the festival in their respective country. They will be notified once their eligibility is verified by the organizing committee. Young volunteers will receive written notification from the Cultural Centre of the Iranian embassy to submit three sample works and personally appear for an interview. The selected artists will then be notified.

Requirements and deadline for participation

Material needed for registration of qualified applicants must be received by the secretariat of the festival by the 9th of June 2010. The secretariat will not admit those artists who will arrive on a date other than specified by the organizers. The groups are requested to arrive in Golestan Province by the afternoon of the 8th of June 2010.


1. Participants will bring necessary tools for workshop except canvas (90x90cm & 100x80cm) which will be distributed at the workshop.
2. The workshop for all fields will be held for three days and there will eventually be an assessment.
3. The organizers will determine whether the drawing workshop will be held in a roofed or open space.

Documents to be submitted

1. Individuals born between September 1st, 1994 and September 1st, 1985 are eligible to participate. Note: Participants two months younger or older than the above dates are also eligible to participate in the festival.
2. Participants are required to submit two wallet-size photos of themselves (with their full name written on the back), a copy of their passport, and a copy of their latest academic certificate no later than 15th of May 2010. The group leader is required to submit a list of participants from each respective country as well as fields in which the group members will participate. These must be submitted prior to participation.
3. No participant is permitted to be accompanied by a friend or family member.
4. The organizing committee requires each individual participant to strictly follow the programs throughout the entire period of the festival, and no private meetings or personal business must be pursued during their stay in Iran. Participants are required to fully coordinate their activities with the organizing committee.
5. All participants are required to observe Islamic code of conduct and regulations of the festival which will be communicated to them during the event.
6. Accommodation costs will be met by the organizing committee. However, travel expenses to Iran must be met by the participants themselves.


1. Selected artists will be awarded plaque of honor and special prizes, including gold coins.
2. All participants will receive a certificate of participation in the festival.

Number of participants

Each country is entitled to send a maximum number of five members including the group leader.

Contact at the International Secretariat

Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran



North Kargar Ave., next to Laleh Park, Tehran‎






‎+9821 8896 1081



+9821 8896 4176

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